Ante post betting

Do you know what ante post betting is? If you like betting on sports events you probably do. For those who don’t I will explain shortly here. Antepost betting is special betting coupons where you can bet for the winner on a sport event or something which is interesting for lots of people.

However, when we talk about the winner of a sports event you are not going to bet on the winner of a match, but for the winner in the whole league. You can bet any time on the champion in Premier League for example. Even before the season has started. You can bet for the winner of every major soccer league in the world.

There are many similar antepost ante post bettingbetting options. Except for the winner in the championship you can bet who will be the leading goal scorer in almost every soccer league in the world. You can bet on which team will be promoted or relegated; which team will finish at the bottom half of the standings or not, you can bet on who will be the leading goal scorer for every team in the major leagues.

Antepost betting options are quite popular when there is an available spot for a new manager in a big team. Then 15 to 20 names are listed and the punter can put some money for the one which he thinks will win.

You can make such a bet even on who will be the new prime minister of Great Britain or the winner in Big Brother.

There is a funny story about antepost betting and it is connected with one of the biggest bookies in England. To honour their users the bookie decide to pay out all the antepost betting coupons which were for Manchester United to be the new champion in the Premier League. It happened around New Year’s Eve. However, a few months later United lost the title for Arsenal and the betting company made really big losses that year.

It is an interesting story about antepost betting, but it is a really great option for everybody who loves betting and it is really popular among the punters.

To understand more clearly what is ante post betting, take a look on the video below. It is about ante post betting on horse racing.

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